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为你解答。 1、seated, closed 2、repaired 3、shut 4、determined 5、done, satisfied 6、excited 7、written, spoken 8、absorbed 9、named 10、inspired, given

Does he wake up in the morning? He doesn't meet any other little water drops. Little Water Drop and some of his friends don't fall down in to a lake.


正确答案如下: 1-5BCACA 6-10 DDABB

you might be surprised to know that bicycles have existed for about two hundred years, but no one is sure who first made this popular two-wheeled machine. 你可能会惊奇地发现自行车已经存在了二百年了,但没有人知道谁首先制造了这种...

2, who will be sent to 3, that Susan has become an excellent singer

b c c d a


have grown up wearing asked to answer why not have a try what time is it now

by 站在一边 to acquaint 去认识 organized 有条理的


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