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you might be surprised to know that bicycles have existed for about two hundred years, but no one is sure who first made this popular two-wheeled machine. 你可能会惊奇地发现自行车已经存在了二百年了,但没有人知道谁首先制造了这种...

1, close to 2, reach out 3, In general 4, In defence of 5, On the contrary 6, put up

参考答案如下: 1. get down to 2. get on 3. get over 4. get through 5. get to 助你愉快学习!


第一张图片你要根据你自己的情况回答。 第二张图片9、1.washed took 2.won was were 3.went danced ate 4.was had to 5.stayed studied 6.got 第三张图片10、1.won't will 2.will won't 3.won't will 4.won't will 5.will won't 6.won't will


6 stands 10 listening

1 caught sight of 2 chatting about 3 Rather than 4 measured off 5 within sight of 6 settling down 7 within reach of 8 take measures to 9 was surrounded with 10 measured out

一、用括号中所给词的适当形式完成句子。 1.Tom failed __passing____ (pass) the Chinese exam again. 2.I really don't know what __to say ____ (say). 3.Everyone is interested in his __original____ (original) idea. 4.Nicole likes man...

一、用ssince或for填空。 1.for 2. for 3. since 4. for 5. for 6.since 7.since 8.since. 9.since 10.for 二、单项填空。 1. A 2. C 3. D 三、根据汉语意思完成句子。 1.has been on 2.several dogs 八下U6的练习吧...


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